Making a blog comeback… ;)

Life is good...

Life is good…

Here I am, over a year and a half later since my last “post”… Geez… time sure does fly by… But I’ve decided to “resurrect” this blog and finally commit to using it.  Have I said that before? Hmmm… anyway, a lot has changed over the past year or so and I am now “retired”… all the website stuff and marketing etc has been put to rest… now and then tho, I do come out of “retirement” to help a friend or former client with their web stuff but otherwise I’m basically living the “free” life of having to do nothing… which I find very agreeable.. =}

To whittle away the time and keep myself out of trouble, I still play around with my artwork and photography etc… don’t think I’ll ever give that up!  You can see some of it here if you’re interested…

And of course now I can dive into all those books I’ve been wanting to read… I love to read and have been devouring what I can and that too keeps me outta trouble.  Have I mentioned that I have a tendency to get into trouble? I do have a mischievous side that is hard to contain sometimes… gotta admit, it sure makes life more fun tho!

I may be getting older but I refuse to grow up!

Till next time… be well and take good care of yourself!


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