Look Who Wandered In… ;)

ostriche-looking-inIt amazes me that this blog is still here… guess it’s true that nothing dies on the internet.  Hard to believe my last post was on Thanksgiving 2011.  Clearly, this blog has been neglected, at least by me. Seems the spammers visited frequently and left me all sorts of wonderful comments about “how great my blog is and they loved my articles”… duh… what articles??? LOL…

Don’t you just love those bots that comb the internet looking for places to leave their inspiring words of wisdom??? And let’s not forget those wonderful links that they include!!!  My life will be forever changed and enhanced thanks to those!!!  I really do need all those medications and there’s no way I can get thru life without all that Viagra and my penis does need to be enlarged… I can’t seeem to find it. Oh Yeah, I forgot… did you know that I won the lottery and I’m inheriting a fortune from a distant relative in Nigeria? My, my, I’m such a lucky Woman… LOL… =}

I’ll never understand the spammer’s thinking… but then, do they think at all? Maybe if they were on the receiving end of all their crap and with a little brain energy and insight, they might realize they are the scourge of the internet and hated beyond words by everyone but themselves. But like I said, that would require brain energy and clearly they are lacking in that department. Altho, I would love to see them channel all their spamming efforts into something positive, more creative and useful for all of us. Can you imagine how different the internet and the world would be if they did? Yeah, I know, dream on…

It’s a crazy world we live in, especially in cyberspace, and some things just defy explanation. But it’s fun to ask the questions and dream of a better way… who knows? Maybe someday it will happen! 😉


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