Can’t Believe I’ve Ignored This Blog Since Christmas… My Bad…

Hey! Look who stopped by! Yeah, it’s me… Linda… haven’t posted a darn thing since Christmas despite all the Password Reset requests flooding my email lately… Either someone really wants my blogs or WP is trying to remind me of something? =}

Can’t say this time I’ve forgotten this blog… just been overwhelmed with daily life… same ol’ story.  Been super busy with other sites, redoing them and updating, for both myself and my clients. Keeping up with everything can sure be a struggle sometimes, but I’m passionate about what I do so it’s okay…

Still having some health issues but nothing terminal… but then life is terminal so I guess it doesn’t make much difference…

Had another birthday since I’ve been absent…Getting old (older rather) can be traumatic at times… Not looking like the “beautiful child within” gets kinda scary at times… Body has a way of betraying you along the way… don’t care what anyone says, aging is not graceful, nor is it kind! I may be getting older but I refuse to grow up! Long live Peter Pan!

What else… oh yeah… all my ferrets have finally crossed over the Rainbow Bridge… heartbreaking… my last one went early this year… I loved my little critters… but one by one over the past couple of years they have all succumbed to the ravages of Adrenal Disease… ={   Must be something genetic and bred into them… don’t think it’s fair that such wonderful and loving little animals should have such short, disease prone lives… Not only are they cute but a lot of fun! I have a lot of wonderful memories!  =}

Still have my Exotic Short-hair Persian cat tho… he’s such a trip… I’ve had cats all my life but never one as weird as this… I’m constantly surprised by his antics!  I’ll have to dig out a picture and post it… he’s really cute…

Well, I guess that’s enough idle thoughts for now… gonna go explore what’s new on… seems they’ve changed the layout and added some themes… gonna go check it out…

Till next time… have a great day!  =}


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