April? No posts since April??? Oh my….

Doing my usual morning thing and having my coffee… thought I’d poke around online and it hit me… my blog… I haven’t been there in ages…. so here I am… April, I haven’t been here since April!!! I must have a mental block or something when it comes to this blog… I keep forgetting it… ={

Well, now that I’m here I thought I’d play in the Appearance section and see if there are any new themes… I love checking out new designs and templates for WordPress… and lookey! I found a new one I like better than the one I had so I changed it! What do you think?  I love how creative some people are and am always amazed by beautiful artwork and photography… some people are just so talented!

Don’t really have much to say right now… not enough coffee yet… guess I’ll wander off and see what else I can discover online… hopefully I’ll remember to come back soon…  Till then… have a great day!


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