Only 4 days since my last post!

Wow… what an improvement… LOL… bet you figured I wouldn’t be back for a couple of months! Truth is, I’m moving a lot of websites around… installing some on a new server host so my brain is trying to wrap itself around all the web related stuff I got going on. Figure out where everything should go. No small project that’s for sure!

While I was here I saw that I actually had a comment! Wow… someone is actually visiting this blog! =}  I also noticed the announcement that there was a new theme… Inuit… I like it so of course I switched to it… for now I’m using the Purple version… comes in a variety of colors so I just may change it again… we’ll see… 😉

Well, it’s beautiful out here in Utah… gonna be around 70 degrees so I think I’ll skip on out of here and get some fresh air… too nice to stay indoors…

Till next time… have a great day!


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