December??? Wow…

I haven’t been here since December??? Wow… My how time flies… life hasn’t changed much for me… still busy trying to make it work and deal with the daily issues and struggles.  So I really don’t have much to say at this point. With that in mind, and the fact that I doubt if anyone even looks at this blog, I thought I’d give it a “face-lift” and pick a new theme.  Unfortunately, it appears WP hasn’t added much in the the theme category since my last visit so there’s really nothing exciting to choose from, so for now I’ll just use the simple one you’re seeing. At least it has a “clean look”. Simple but I guess it gets the job done, and for someone who doesn’t remember to update her blog regularly (Boo!) I guess it’ll do. If anyone comes across my blog and doesn’t like it, let me know and I’ll change it… 😉

Till next time… Have a great day!


2 thoughts on “December??? Wow…

  1. Hi Linda! It’s does not matter the theme…as you say “it get’s the job done”. Try to update it more often, it’s always good to write something…anything =)

    Have a great day!

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