Making some changes…

A lot has been going on in my small part of the universe… unfortunately most of it hasn’t been good… with the economy the way it is, work has dwindled down to almost nothing… trying to survive has become quite a challenge and to make matters worse I am now dealing with some health issues I can’t afford.

So what do we do?

Well, for starters, I am selling off whatever VRE I can… I am now looking for alternative ways to boost my income… obviously what I’ve been doing isn’t working so it’s time to reorganize and think out of the box… GET CREATIVE!  Already, I’m having small success (very small) which is boosting my morale and leading me to believe I might be on the right NEW path.  Time will tell.

I know we’re all having major issues thanx to this economy, so I hope and pray that you too can find a new path that will work for you.  You’ll never know unless you try. And like they say, “this too shall pass”… just wish it would hurry up! 😉

Till next time… Keep the Faith!


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