Trying to get my life back on track…

Due to circumstances beyond my control, life has taken a few twists and turns… economically like many others, I have been forced to cut back on a lot of things… lack of work is presenting a whole new set of problems.  And my freelance work has dwindled down to nothing… no one wants to invest in a web site or online venture and I don’t blame them… no one is spending or buying… even eBay is “dead”…  ={

Hopefully, now that the “back to school” season is upon us and Christmas not too far down the road, things will pick up.  Since funds are extremely low, I am now forced to come up with alternative methods for marketing and selling online. Gotta think out of the box and be creative… (Do you smell something burning?)

For those of you that stumble upon this blog, I hope your journey is better and that you are prospering…  and for those who aren’t… all I can say is… “keep the faith”… this too will pass…

Till next time… be good to yourself…


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