It’s been a while…

Been so busy with my other sites and all sorts of life challenges, that I haven’t found time nor remembered to post to this blog… I’m sorry… please forgive me… I’ll try to do better…

A lot has happened since my last post… for one, we have a new president elect… Hopefully he will live up to the challenges and make this a better place to live… I for one have been struggling like so many others… All I know is that I am happy (ecstatic) that the idiot in office now will soon be vacating… he has been a disgrace to this country and has done nothing but harm… to the USA and to the World… Good-bye and Good Riddens!

Obviously, I’m a Democrat… =} I’ve been saying “Hillary for President” since Bill was in office… Don’t get me wrong, I love Bill and I never voted until he came along… I had no interest in the BS politics and lousey candidates until Bill arrived… and he got my vote! Despite all the BS during his presidency, my faith in him never wavered and I would vote for him again tomorrow!

But getting back to Hillary, I always admired Hillary, extremely intelligent and accomplished woman! When she put her bid in for the Presidential Nomination I was ecstatic. And she had my vote! No doubt about it! I may live in Utah (sooooo Republican), but I’m a born and bred NYer who supports Hillary in all her political endeavors. This woman rocks and don’t take no sh**! Just what we need (hell, the world needs) in the White House. Unfortunately, she didn’t win the presidential nomination, seems people would rather have a black man in office rather than a woman… but hey, our day will come… oppression can be overcome… just ask Obama!

Obama, hopefully will live up to his promises and lead this country back to where it should be… He’s got his work cut out for him that’s for sure… God willing he will succeed…

Lord knows.. this country needs all the help it can get right now… Say a prayer…

Till next time…


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