This is getting ridiculous… =}

It seems this blog is turning into a “yearly” thing… LOL… well, at least this time I came back sooner… Only seven months this time! So why all the delays? Ah… life just has a way of distracting me…

A lot has happened in the past seven months… most notably, the loss of my best friend and “soul sister”… the only real “family” I had… the most beautiful person I have EVER known… have to admit, I’m not doing well and the depression and grief can be overwhelming at times… I’m beginning to wonder if I’ll ever stop crying… She was my “rock”… I’m so lost without her… we did everything together and talked almost daily… big empty spot in my life now and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to fill it… ={

Death is such a scary thing at times… can be so unexpected yet always a constant, vivid reality… especially to us “older folks”… Youth seems to be oblivious to the realities of death unless someone close dies and it becomes a reality they have to face… Who thinks about death when they’re young? We all thought we’d live forever and usually our behavior proved it… we could be so reckless.. ahh… the good ol’ days…

Aging is hard enough but when friends and family slowly disappear it makes you wonder why… Why does God put us through this? Why is life so confusing and what is the purpose? Why are we here?

Can anyone tell me “Why” ?

Till next time… share the love!


4 thoughts on “This is getting ridiculous… =}

  1. I’m so sorry for your loss. Please, have faith that you will see her again in Heaven/Paradise/COsmos/whatever you believe in and want to call it.

  2. Thank You… I appreciate that… Funny, you have the same name and you’re Swedish… My mother was Swedish, came from Malmo…

    Small world… Thanx again… =}

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