Would you believe…

… that I’m back again??? LOL… oh boy… I’ve been so busy with other internet stuff and websites etc. that I’ve totally neglected this blog!  Funny part tho is that I’ve been setting up so many other blogs under their own domains using WordPress.  I’m gonna have to focus and try to get my act together again and remember to include this blog in my daily routine.  To be honest, I’m amazed that this blog is still here after what? A Year???  Wow…

I’ve been playing a lot with WordPress and blogs for myself and my clients lately (I do web design/hosting) so I’m starting to get pretty good with WordPress (not that it’s very hard!).  I have a couple of Google Blogger blogs also but I find the WordPress much easier to use with a much better interface for customization etc.  Plus there’s so many templates out there that you can change your look whenever you feel like it… like I did with this blog… not that anyone noticed I’m sure… but I choose the “Misty” theme  to match my “brain patterns”… it’s a little foggy up there at times… LOL… =}

I also play around with Joomla for myself and clients… I like that CMS program A LOT!  You’d be amazed at what you can do with that too!  It’s great for large content or community sites… a number of my clients are using it… and me of course… =}

Well, guess that’s enough of my idle chatter for today… I just wanted to quick write something and let everyone know that I’m still here… not that anyone missed me… LOL… =}



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